Dear visitor, please be aware of the following rules:

1. In case of the advance reservation of the table in the club, the reservation is kept valid until 01:00 AM. After 01:00 AM the administration of the club saves the right to give the reservation of already booked table to other visitors.

2. In case when the guests are not coming, or when the guests are coming after 01:00 AM, 30% of the reservation amount is kept with the club.

3. Dress-code and face control rules are applied to all the visitors of the club, not depending on the present reservation of the table.

The causes refusal of a visit to the complex "SKYBAR"

1. Persons who  not reached adault age by their appearance;

2. Persons dressed in sports clothes or untidy look;

3. Persons in alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;

4. Agressive persons;

5. Persons who are in Black list of club;

6. Persons dressed not by rules of Dress-code;

7. When the club is full

8. When private events.

With best wishes administration!